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Do you regularly use a lip liner?
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Do you regularly use a lip liner?

There are endless products to experiment with to create the look that you desire. Do you regularly use a lip liner? If so, you know just how impactful it is.

Lip liner can be used to make the lips look plumper and more voluminous. It also acts as a barrier to prevent your lipstick or lip gloss from bleeding.

Lip liner and lipsticks can be used in different shades to create a beautiful multi-dimensional look. Liner gives your lips a clean, polished look while also perfecting the shape and size of your pout.

Choosing the right lip liner

Have you ever put on lip liner that just didn’t look right? If so, chances are that you picked the wrong color for your skin tone. Before applying liner, you need to know your undertone.

For cool undertones, stick with lip liner colors that have a purple or blue undertone. Darker colors also tend to work better for those with a cooler undertone. Light colors may wash you out.

For warm undertones, any lip liner with a hint of brown is sure to be flattering.

When wearing lip liner with your favorite lipstick, it’s best to find a liner that is one or two shades lighter. You also want to choose a shade from the same color family.

Pamada Cosmetics lip liner

Do you regularly use a lip liner? If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your lip product needs, Pamada Cosmetic has you covered. Our lip liner is designed to define and outline the lips while also locking in lip color. This product is available in beautiful colors, including:

    • Buff
    • Deep Auburn
    • Mocha
    • My Magenta
    • Pin Up Girl Red
    • Raspberry
    • Red Velvet
    • Vivacious
    • MWarm Nude

No matter if you’re looking to create a bold or all-natural look, Pamada Cosmetics is sure to have the perfect lip liner color for you.

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