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How to Choose Lip Liner Color
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How to Choose Lip Liner Color

The perfect combination of lipstick and lip liner is a winning look. Lip liner is the way to go when you want control over creating your ideal lips. With a good lip liner, you can change the shape of your lips, add fullness, and create definition. It’s important to choose a lip liner color that combines well with your lip shade.We have a few tips on how to choose lip liner color.

Selecting the Right Color
You’ll generally want to find a lip liner that’s close to your lip shade. Although the liner and lipstick don’t have to be identical, you’ll want to keep the lip liner color in the same shade family with the same undertones. For example, if you’re using red lipstick, choose a liner in a shade of red. However, it also depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. For a more dramatic look, use a color two shades darker than your lipstick color.

Your lips might have red, pink, or brown undertones. For skin that’s warmer or tanner, then mauves, blushes, and rose lip liner colors combine well. If your skin is fair with pinkish undertones, then choose nude, coral, or pink. For dark or black skin, brown or purple shades are best.

Our wooden lip liner pencils are designed to outline and define lips and lock in lip color. We offer a variety of rich colors, including:

  • Red Velvet
  • Deep Auburn
  • Mocha
  • My Magenta
  • Pin Up Girl Red
  • Raspberry

We also offer a nude color that pairs well with pinkish undertones.

The Go-to Brand for Lip Liners
It’s important to know how to choose lip liner color. It’s also important to have a source that offers a range of lip liner colors to complement every lip shade. Our lip liners come in nine fabulous colors. Your search for a beautiful lip look ends with Pamada Cosmetics. We are an excellent source for lip liners and have been offering premium lip products since 2018.

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