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Lip Plumper Must Haves
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Lip Plumper Must Haves

Pamada Cosmetics refuses to be measured by the same standards as other cosmetics companies. Our expectations are nothing less than flawless excellence and unrivaled beauty—just like you. Pamada Cosmetics has invested a lot of time and effort into developing the most unique and high-quality lip plumper on the market.

Our newest product, the Lip Plumper- Long Lasting Matte is made from a matte-texture infusion that is specifically designed to work immediately and safely on your lips. Your lips will feel weightless as they plump instantly upon application.

The Lip Plumper- Long Lasting Matte, unlike many other lip plumper products on the market, hydrates your lips with essential vitamins and natural elements including vitamin E and C, shea butter, and avocado. The Lip Plumper- Long Lasting Matte offers three shades for your beautiful lips:

3 Shades of Lip Plumper- Long Lasting Matte

Influencer- Influencer is a tinted shade of dark pink that was developed by blending a variety of colors and a few industry secrets. The influencer reveals your self-assurance and sways to all those who cross your path, encapsulating their acquiescence from both your passion and innocence—but most of all, your influential beauty… and plump lips.

First Date- The First Date can be the last—but it doesn’t have to be. This shade is a lighter tone of the influencer—a subtle shade of pink that invites others to appreciate your beauty. Your lips will be plump with inviting anticipation for the first kiss at the end of your first date—another date wills surely follow after they feel your plump lips on theirs.

Russian Roulette- The Russian Roulette is a shade that lives true to its namesake. It’s a dangerously intriguing, exotic, and sensual crimson that most closely reflects the color dark red…if normal colors had to be used to describe this classy shade of seduction. The Russian Roulette surges with pleasure and vigor, painting the town, and the entire state with its unique shade.

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