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Try Our Lip Lacquers
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Try Our Lip Lacquers

If you are looking for something in between lipstick and gloss, try our lip lacquers. The word “lacquer” essentially means to give something a smooth, glossy finish. Our lip lacquers do this for your lips—deliver smoothness and an ultra-shine finish. Our lip lacquers are 10 out of 10 for shine!

Lip Lacquers—A Category unto Themselves
Similar to a gloss, our lip lacquer comes in liquid form. However, the texture and consistency are creamier and somewhat thicker than traditional gloss. The best way to describe our lip lacquers is that they deliver the best of both worlds—the color of a lipstick and the sheen of a lip gloss. This means there’s no need for layering up!

Our lip lacquers are non-sticky, highly pigmented, and smooth. We infuse our lacquers with moisturizers and vitamins to add softness to your lips. Our lip lacquers are hydrating and full of color. The high pigmentation translates to staying power, so you don’t have to keep reapplying your lip lacquer throughout the day.

Others will be mesmerized by your beauty overall, but especially by your effervescent lips. Our lip lacquers are available in nine enticing colors, including:

  • Lusciousis a beige rose
  • Mochais a medium pink brown
  • Seduceis a mid-tone neutral color
  • Scarlet is a definite red bursting with shine
  • Twirlis a lush pink beige

Our lacquers are the best at delivering a high-shine finish that will make your lips glisten like never before!

Quality Lip Lacquers from a Highly Reputable Brand
We at Pamada Cosmetics strive to ditch the dull and one-dimensional. A good lip product should strike the right balance between nature and science. We believe we are achieving that balance.

Our products are cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. Our company has been a preferred brand for premium lip products since its founding in 2018. You can find the perfect lip lacquers to bring out your inner radiance at Pamada Cosmetics.

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