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Long Lasting Lip Plumper
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Long Lasting Lip Plumper

Pamada Cosmetics has developed lip plumper that stays on without continual reapplication. That’s right! We make our long-lasting lip plumper with advanced techniques that not only add volume for a fuller look but also stay on your lips throughout the day. Achieving that beautiful look for your lips has never been easier!

The Secret to OurLip Plumper
Our lip plumper works by retaining moisture within the surface of the lips, creating a natural fullness. We use a proprietary combination of natural ingredients and essential vitamins. We also infuse vitamins E and C, shea butter, and avocado that together deliver long-lasting lip plumper that retains color and hydration.
Others will notice and be inspired by your beauty overall, but especially by your sensuous lips. Our long-lasting lip plumper collection is available in three types:

    • Long-Lasting Matte is designed to be worn throughout the day and evening. The colors are the natural and lightweight “Influencer,” the bold red “Russian Roulette,” and the soft and neutral “First Date.”
    • Luscious glossy delivers a glossy lip infusion. The color choices are the bright and luscious “Excuse Me,” the soft pink “French Kiss,” or the neutral “Game Over.”
    • Maximum glossy is for those moments when you want the most amount of shine. Color choices are the neutral“Ghost” or bright pink“Scandal.”

We give you actual long-lasting lip plumper so you can apply it once and not have to worry that it is fading. Having luscious lips that last throughout the day is easy with Pamada Cosmetics!

Choose a KnownBrand
Our lip plumper is a customer favorite as shown by the glowing reviews. To get the long-lasting lip plumper you have been craving, search no more as we carry it at Pamada Cosmetics. We have been a preferred brand for premium lip products since our company was founded in 2018. Our products are 100 percent cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals.

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