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Matte Lip Plumper
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Matte Lip Plumper

Pamada Cosmetics has developed one of the best matte lip plumpers on the market. It is a perfect marriage of beauty and health for your lips. Yes! Our matte-texturized plumpers are made using advanced techniques that add temporary volume to create a fuller look while adding hydration for a soft, weightless feel. Having sumptuous lips has never been easier!

OurUniquely Formulated Matte Lip Plumper
Our plumper combines vitamins E and C, shea butter, and avocado that keep your lips soft and moist for a natural, healthy look. The plumper works by actually facilitating hydration. That’s right! It holds onto moisture within the surface of your lips. Lip volume is instantly enhanced.

When you apply this product to your lips, you can feel it working with a tingling sensation. It is also formulated to last for all-day wear. You will awe others with your sophistication, but especially by your matte-textured plump lips. Our matte lip plumper collection is available in three colors:

  • First Dates is the perfect neutral color to look great going anywhere at any time —it’s appropriate for any occasion
  • Influencers are also a neutral color, but with more pigmentation than First Date
  • Russian Roulette is a bold, deep red that will definitely make a statement and get you noticed

Our matte lip plumper gets consistently rave reviews from our customers. We give you the perfect matte lips that give voice to your inner diva.

Get Your Plumper from a Trusted Brand
You can find just the right matte lip plumper at Pamada Cosmetics. Our products are designed with safety and ethical standards in mind. Our products are also 100 percent cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. Since its founding in 2018, our company has been a preferred brand for premium lip products.

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