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Runway Lipstick
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Runway Lipstick

Our glossy, high-shine lipstick gives your lips the perfect runway looks. Our runway lipstick has a smooth and creamy finish that also works to keep your lips hydrated. You definitely will look as though you’re ready to make an attention-grabbing walk down the runway! At Pamada Cosmetics we make it easy for you to have lips with unparalleled shine and luster.

Runway Ready
We use a combination of natural ingredients and essential vitamins. Our lipstick is imbued with color and rich vitamins E and C, shea butter, and avocado that deliver soft and hydrated lips. Our lipstick is free of lanolin and paraben.

Get ready, set, go! Our runway lipstick will get you primed for any photo opportunity. Others will notice your overall beauty, but especially your shiny, sparkling lips. Our runway lipstick delivers the perfect glossy lips that are—you guessed it—runway ready!

You can choose from nine gorgeous colors:

  • “Haute” delivers a splash of hot pink that is aptly named because it reflects the haute couture you will wear on the runway
  • “Cat Walk” is a magenta pink that will no doubt make your lips sizzle
  • “Chic” is a reddish pink to reflect the very chic clothes you will be wearing
  • “Strut” is a cabernet-like color that reflects the confidence you will no doubt exude as you walk the runway
  • “Red Carpet” is bright red while “Ooh-La-La” and “Juicy” are both lighter hues of red with a hint of pink
  • “Allure” and “Pout” are neutral colors that you can wear with any outfit and for any occasion
    All colors are vegan except “Pout.”

Choose a Top Brand
Trust that you’ve found the best runway lipstick at Pamada Cosmetics. We adhere to safety and maintain high ethical standards. Our products are cruelty-free—no testing on animals. Founded in 2018, Pamada Cosmetics is a top choice for premium lip products. We are evolving our products to give you the best lipstick on the market.

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