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Nude Plumpers
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Nude Plumpers

Pamada Cosmetics has developed luscious nude plumpers that are a must if you want shiny, full lips. Our nude plumpers are designed to add subtle volume for instantly fuller lips—without the risk and expense of injections. Pamada’s nude plumpers contain special lip-conditioning ingredients and essential vitamins to deliver that full-lipped look. Lip volume is instantly enhanced!

Our Nutrient-Rich Nude Plumpers
Our nude plumpers have the best combination of natural ingredients and vitamins. Shea butter and avocado naturally hydrate and condition your lips. Vitamins A and E provide antioxidant benefits to minimize premature age-related lip lines. The plumpers promote hydration by attracting water molecules to your lips.

At Pamada Cosmetics, you can choose a nude shade that matches your natural lip tone. Our plumpers can be used alone or layered with lipstick for just the right amount of shine, gloss, and nude shade. Some options that flatter all skin tones are highlighted here:

  • Plumper Maximum Glossy delivers the ultimate shine and is available in a light silvery color with a hint of mystery, which is why we call it “ghost”
  • Luscious Glossy offers a high-glossy look and is available in a lovely soft color we call “Frenchkiss” – ooh la la!
  • Lip Sparklet is a liquid lip gloss that delivers a pearly pigment with sparkle and pizzazz and is available ingentlenude colors such as “pixie” and “peach”

Our plumpers are a must-have for your makeup collection. Moisturize with non-sticky shine in perfect nude tones for just the look you want.

Get Your Nude Plumpersfrom a Trusted Brand
To get your perfect nude plumpers, you need not search any longer as you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Pamada Cosmetics. We strive to give you perfectly luscious lips that show off your awesome beauty. Our company has been a sought-after brand for high-quality lip products since its founding in 2018.

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